Certified Organic Skin Care and Hair Care

Certified Organic Skin Care and Hair Care

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I have bought the Sea Buckthorn Healing Salve 3 months back, and have since then fallen in love with it due to its multiple skin benefits! Its healing properties have not only helped to fix my cuts, rashes, eruptions and rashes, but it also works great to calm my senses with its soothing fragrance.It is very easy to apply and does not leave a greasy feeling afterward. Use it and feel the difference!

Nidhi Vinaik

This month would be 4 months that I’ll be using the Tea Tree – Calendula – Aloe Vera Intimate Hygiene Wash, a product which has transformed my life in more ways than one. I was always skeptical about buying a hygiene wash because I thought it would be chemical-based but the organic ingredient list of this product encouraged me to purchase it. It’s the best decision I have ever made! I would highly recommend this one.


I read a report once which said that one of the most prominent problems faced by our generation is dull hair leading to baldness. I was already experiencing dry hair and it was then I decided to purchase the Argan – Hibiscus Hair Repair Serum about one month back. I didn’t expect that I would have silky smooth and soft hair so quickly. Not only did this product improve the overall appearance of my hair but has also made my hair grow several inches long.

Picky Bindra

My hair began to turn grey when I was 35 years old. My friends asked me to color my hair but I didn't have so much patience. When the Black Walnut - Hibiscus Hair Darkening Spray was inaugurated.The natural ingredients like aloe vera, black walnut, and hibiscus extract in the spray are so effective that I don't even need to maintain the hair color with additional products. Highly recommended!

Rekha Vohra

My lips used to be dry and chapped since as long as I can remember. This problem takes a turn for the worse during winters. As I was bracing myself for the onset of winters, a friend gifted me the Unscented Sensitive Lip Balm. Amazingly, my lips are always moisturized which keeps me energized all day!

Krishan Gulia

I never anticipated that I would have dark circles underneath my eyes when I first joined a job in my early twenties. A friend suggested the Papaya – Sweet Almond Dark Circles Eye Cream to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles. IT WORKED! Unlike other eye creams that I had tried previously, this product doesn't allow any signs of tiredness creep into my eyes in the form of dark circles or baggy eyes. It is definitely worth a purchase!

Heena Arora

I work for 14 hours a day and usually want my baths to be luxurious. Two months back, I stepped into the shower to see I had run out of soap. I might have bought Rose Mulberry Dry Skin Body Wash impulsively but I have come to notice the difference since then. The rose essential oil in this body wash makes my skin feel moisturized and I smell like flowers all day long. Surprisingly, my wrinkles have also started to disappear magically.

Samarth Kapur

It’s really an awesome face wash I have ever used. On the past few years, I have invested my money on various anti-aging solutions. But, most of them have not given me desirable results. Then, one of my friends has recommended me to use this nutrient enriched product. I have read about all the ingredients, present in the product. As these are natural components, I get some confidence on using the product. And finally, after applying Orchid Mature Skin Face Wash, I think that I would also recommend it to many of my relatives.

Vishali Sharma

Due to chemicals used in regular hand washes, the skin on my hands had become dry and flaky. At first, I was skeptical to try another brand but a friend strongly recommended the Natural Green Apple Hand Wash. After a few washes, my skin has become soft and supple, perhaps because of the presence of glycerin. If you have dry skin, then this is the Hand Wash to go for!

Vikas Roy

I am extremely selective while buying any products for my hair. The skepticism was prevalent even when I read about Mirah Belle’s Macadamia Nut – Geranium – Argan Dry Hair Oil. But, after using it for few weeks, I can see visible improvement in the texture of my hair. The unique blend of exotic oils and the price of this product- both have satisfied me significantly.

Mussawir Ahmed

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Who we are...

Mirah Belle Naturals is dedicated to creating the Best Quality, Healthy and Effective Skin and Hair care products that will Nourish your Skin and Infuse it with Natural

A Product is only as Good as the Ingredients used to make it!
Our Singular motto is to use the power and simplicity of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin. The Products at Mirah Belle Naturals have natural nourishing ingredients that are packed with Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals. We are completely Cruelty Free & Do Not use Animal Products or do any kind of Animal Testing.

Sulphate & Paraben Free
Our Sulphate & Paraben Free Range of Shampoos, Face, Hand & Body Washes prevent the Skin & Hair from Deteriorating by keeping away the Harsh Chemicals.

Organic Beauty Range
The Organic Range of Handmade Soaps, Lip Balms, Salves, Body Butters, Hair & Body Oils keep the Skin & Hair healthy by giving nourishment derived from nature.

Safe & Secure Payments
Mirah Belle Naturals also provides Secure Payment Methods that make your Shopping Transactions Smooth & Stress free. We have a Verified Payment Gateway system where you can pay through Your Credit Or Debit Card & Internet Banking. We also do Cash on Delivery Order over Rs 250.

The Products are Proudly Made & Delivered All over India