Hair Repair Serum

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Benefit Nourishes & Protects Hair
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Argan Oil, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Bringraj Extract, Shikakai Extract, Amla Extract and Hibiscus Flower Extract.


The All-in-one hair serum you must have in your hair care routine

One of the biggest problems that you face with age is the problems of hair loss and impending baldness. If you are wondering about the best hair serum to use to make your hair soft and beautiful, our Nourishing Hair Serum can help to give you the best hair you can dream of. With an exquisite blend of the best of hair care ingredients nature has to offer, this is a serum you absolutely must incorporate in your routine.

Argan Oil
Argan Oil can help make your hair soft, shiny and silky. If you have split ends or frizzy hair, this is definitely one that you need to incorporate into your haircare routine. Enriched with the benefits of argan oil, this serum can help you to make your hair manageable and add an attractive shine that looks healthy and makes your hair beautiful.

Green Tea Leaf Extract
If you are looking for an extract that helps to target hair loss, Green tea is where it's at. Green tea is enriched with Vitamin B and panthenol which can help to control split ends, makes your hair soft and strengthens the hair follicles. EGCG an antioxidant present in green tea as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of it can stimulate hair growth.

Bringraj Extract
Bhringraj oil reduces hair loss, dandruff and graying. The oil can help to strengthen the hair roots and stimulating hair growth. Additionally, it can help to prevent baldness and can reverse greying because it acts as a natural dye.

Shikakai Extract
Shikakai is definitely a miracle ingredient when it comes to hair problems. Shikakai can help to make your hair soft and add shine to it. It can help to prevent dandruff, give you stronger and thicker hair, delays greying of your hair, helps to remove head lice. It can help to cool your scalp and can help in detangling hair.

Amla Extract
Amla oil is known to boost blood circulation to the scalp, nourishes your hair follicles and improves hair growth. It can help to get rid of dry flakes and improve scalp health by removing dirt and grease. It can also help to make your hair healthy due to its antioxidant properties which prevent the build-up of free radicals on the scalp.

Hibiscus Flower Extract
Hibiscus flower extract is another really effective extract when it comes to helping boost hair growth. With its abundance of vitamin C, it helps to increase collagen production which is the amino acid that gives hair strength. The extract is also rich in amino acids and can help nourish hair, strengthens hair and makes your hair shiny and healthy. It can also help in stimulating hair regrowth in bald patches and can help to condition hair, reduce dandruff and reduces split ends.

Thus, with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, this is a serum that is absolutely a must-have.

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