Dry Hair Silver Kit

Kit Contains:

  1. Jasmine - Argan Dry Hair Shampoo
  2. Jasmine - Dry Hair Conditioner
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Is your hair lifeless, dull and dry? Treating dry hair can be a challenge, especially in humid countries like India where the sun shines without any mercy. While most shampoos and oils supposedly meant for dry hair only treat the outermost layer, leaving the roots weak and vulnerable, the Mirah Belle Dry Hair Kits combine completely natural and organic components that are powerful and potent, treating each hair strand from root to tip, giving you the shining and smooth hair that you deserve.

Jasmine - Argan Dry Hair Shampoo
Did you know that Jasmine essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making it one of the best solutions for itchy, dry and flaky scalp? Keeping this in mind, the Jasmine - Argan Dry Hair Shampoo has been handcrafted from scratch, using organically grown Indian jasmines, and combining it with other essential oils like argan oil. No matter your hair type, texture or build, the Jasmine - Argan Dry Hair Shampoo is your one stop solution for dry hair, which gives your hair the natural boost and essential micro nutrients to keep it healthy and hydrated in the long run.

Jasmine - Dry Hair Conditioner
With the amount of treatment, heating and styling that your hair goes through every day, having a good conditioner is of paramount importance to your bath kit. A good conditioner can help to make your hair shinier, bouncier and smoother than it was ever before and can help your hair be more healthy and balanced. It provides deep nourishment to your hair. However, chemical based conditioners only act on the outside layer of the hair follicles without nourishing it from within. Your best bet is to go for an organic conditioner that can help to nourish your hair gently from within without making it rough or dried out and frizzy. Our Hair Conditioner is made from ingredients that are known to moisturize hair and provide a number of benefits that have been discussed below.

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