Rose Face Spray

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Benefit Refreshes and Soothes Facial Skin
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Purified Water, Rose Water, Rose Oil extract


A Must Have for the Summers!

Rose Face Spray is becoming more and more popular among the modern skin care regimens. After working out at the gym or when you are back home after a hot sultry summer day, you would definitely want to refresh your skin and make it look suppler.

Our Rose Face Mist greatly help in hydrating your skin. It has therapeutic actions which help in fighting your skin against germs and bacteria as well. The rose face mist is packed with antioxidants.

Moreover, you can use Rose Face Mist for making your makeup stay throughout a long day. You can use it anytime and anywhere. The utilities of Rose Face Mist are many. Our product is natural and is bound to do wonders for your skin. </p

  • Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • DEA Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • Paraffin Free
  • No Animal Testing

The ingredients along with their utilities are written as follows.

Rose Water
This is one of the most important ingredients of rose face mist. Rose water is well known for its strong astringent properties. It is a natural toner that tightens the pores of your skin. If you have acne problems, don't worry! Rose water will take care of that as well, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. It also has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. It effectively refreshes your skin after a long tiring day. It moisturizes the skin while revitalizing it. It hydrates your skin and helps to heal the scars, wounds, and cuts. If you are facing aging symptoms on the skin, rose water will help by nullifying these signs and preventing the wrinkles and fine lines if you are of an expecting age.

Rose Oil extract
This particular ingredient is ruling the world for its miraculous aroma therapeutic properties. It greatly helps in reducing stress, thereby refreshing your mind, soul as well as skin. It has strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It visibly reduces the skin blemishes while increasing the permeability of your skin.

Vitamin E
This ingredient effectively blocks the free radicals which are greatly responsible for skin aging. It nourishes as well as hydrates the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and nullifies the effects of sunburns. It also acts as a great cleansing agent as well as helps in fading of the dark spots.

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