British Tea Rose Skin Brightening Body Lotion

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Mulberry Fruit Extract, Gokharu Seed Extract, Body lotion Base and Fragrance Oil.


Keeping your skin moisturized is super important in order to keep it healthy and glowing. We know how undesirable dry skin is and how it can cause rashes, or lead to broken, chapped and irritated skin. Post a shower, moisturizing your skin with a body lotion is a necessity and shouldn’t be considered an option. Try the Brightening Body Lotion for best results.

Read about the benefits that the ingredients offer below:

Mulberry Fruit Extract
Filled with nutrients and vitamins, mulberries are high on antioxidants. They have anti-ageing effects on the skin, and they act as a shield against sun damage to the skin. The extract can fix dry and damaged skin and help in skin brightening too.

Gokharu Seed Extract
Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, Gokharu Seed Extract not only reverses skin-ageing, but fixes the problem of acne and dry skin too.

Body Lotion Base
The body lotion base is fully organic and ensures the product is lightweight and absolutely non-greasy.

Fragrance Oil
We use essential oils as fragrance oil to make the body lotion smell delightful. This is so that when you walk by someone, you should smell like a Goddess! Don’t worry, the fragrance oil is organic and absolutely skin-friendly.

Use the Brightening Body lotion every day and say hi to beautiful looking skin in no time!

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