Mirah Belle Naturals is a Beauty & Personal Care products manufacturer offering 200+ natural & organic, hand-crafted products, all made in India. Mirah Belle develops, manufactures and markets its products across the country and is looking to expand its presence across the globe. The entire ranges of Products - from the ingredients to the packaging - are inspired by nature.

Mirah Belle uses only natural ingredients in its products, does not test cosmetics on animals and ensures all products are safe for the environment.

The Company was founded in 2017 by Shivani Kapur and has gained good traction in a short period of time. We are available on 30+ E-Commerce platforms in India & well as abroad. We have Pan - India distribution in 14 states across India.

Mirah Belle strives towards creating awareness about the long term ill – effects of using chemical laden products which are high on Sulphates, Formaldehyde and Parabens. We are looking to provide a safe alternative to people who are habituated to using products which are loaded with carcinogenic compounds.

The company has its manufacturing facility in Gurugram, India. The facility is licensed by the Haryana Drugs & Cosmetics State Government.

Mirah Belle has for long been associated with women who have suffered health hazards – Ovarian Cancer. In addition, we plan support for Breast Cancer groups & those who suffer from domestic violence. Providing Upliftment & Financial Independence to these Mirah Belle Women is an essential part of the company.