Hair Colour Protection Kit

Hair Colour Protection Kit

Retain the colour of your newly dyed hair and protect them with the Hair Colour & Protection Kit.

Coloured hair is bluntly sexy, no doubt about that! However, maintaining them can get a little tricky as coloured hair is prone to damage and needs to be protected and nurtured like a child!

We at Mirah Belle are aware of this point at issue. As a result, using the best organic ingredients, we have made products and have launched the hair colour and protection kits for you to retain your hair colour for a long period. They also work to minimize hair damage and makes your hair shinier and stronger.

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Hair Colour and Protection Silver Kit
Hair Colour and Protection Silver Kit ₹880.00

Kit Contains:

  1. Jasmine - Argan Dry Hair Shampoo
  2. Jasmine - Banana Fruit Hair Conditioner
  3. Lavender - Mandukaparni Hair Growth - Hair Spray