Emu oil

Many of us don’t know the magic a bottle of Emu Oil has in itself that is why there are still so many women who are struggling to maintain a decent hair growth without too much of hair loss. Emu Oil has the capacity to increase your hair growth by 20% once you start using it in a regular basis. Emu is an Australian bird species whose body fat is used to make the oil by using 70% of the fatty acid.

Benefits to the Hair: -
• Scalp Inflammation: It is one of the main causes behind the hair loss a person suffers from. In order to reduce the inflammation off your scalp, Emu Oil works as a great incentive. It makes the hair healthy by keeping the scalp healthy.

• Eliminating Comedogenic properties: Other than increasing your hair growth, Emu Oil has the property of removing elements that somewhere hinder the process of hair growth. It has non-comedogenic properties which doesn’t clog the pores in your scalp.

• Replenishing the Hair Follicles: Emu Oil owing to its Vitamin contents is known to replenish the hair follicles that are not active so that the process of hair growth fastens up. Hair Follicles that aren’t responding are replenished to start fresh with the help of Emu Oil.

• Non-Greasy feel: This one is the best found benefit a woman looks for in hair oils that Emu Oil is not greasy in texture. So, you can apply it whenever the need be without being much worried about your appearance as the oil gets instantly absorbed by the roots.

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