Wheatgerm Oil

Get dry and damaged skin healed within a few weeks with Wheat Germ oil
Wheat germ oil is derived from the heart of the wheat seed and is often used in a lot of skin creams, lotions and foot creams for its amazing quality to heal skin within a few days. In fact, you can almost feel a difference overnight. You can also mix wheat germ oil in your daily skin care routine in various ways to avail its range of skin benefits.

1. Get cracked feet healed in a week-
If you have not found a solution yet to heal cracked feet in winter, it is time to try the best way available in the world. Massage wheat germ oil on the cracked feet or use some foot cream having wheat germ oil as the main ingredient. Apply it at bedtime to leave it on overnight and see the cracks healing in a week. Flaunt your smooth feet even in winter instead of hiding the painful cracks.

2. Best body moisturizer-
•The best way to moisturize your dry and lifeless skin is to shift to a body lotion or moisturizer that contains wheat germ oil. You can also massage it directly or mix it with some cream to massage all over your body after bath or at bed time. It gets absorbed really easily into the skin and gets dry, cracked and lifeless skin healed within a few weeks. You can spot a clear difference in skin texture and glow. Dry knees and elbows get healed completely by the benefit of this wheat germ oil.

3. Anti-ageing properties-
•Dry facial skin, wrinkles and fine lines can disappear in a few weeks if you regularly use wheat germ oil to moisturize your skin or use it in your facial mask. The best time to apply it is at bedtime. Massage it gently and leave it on the skin to let your skin absorb all its nutrients and work overnight.

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